Development Roadmap

This site is still in "beta," or under development. We apologize for all the rough edges.  (See: Help, Tutorial.)

Content updating falls under operational maintenance rather than development.  With respect to development per se, our priorities are the following, although no timetable for carrying them out can be guaranteed.

Remainder of 2018:

  • Converge People and Member profiles to a similar format.  (Done.)
  • Complete basic implementation (still in beta mode).
  • Add a PayPal link for donations.
  • Move dev site to regular (beta) site.

November meeting 

1. Kerry will be available later in the conference to lead members through a hands-on tutorial for how the website might assist scholars in common research tasks, and assist them in editing their Member Profiles or creating new People Profiles.

2. We will solicit member feedback and contributions of the following:

Development Priorities for 2019:

    • Implement Advanced Search. Create advanced search page to support Boolean searching based on specific fields, including the searches described at
    • Text editor enhancement and Drupal language support.
    • Clean-up and proof text in Sources bibliography. Records not yet cleaned up have a Status (in the left sidebar) of "Unknown" (or no status at all). 
    • Data entry for Studies, working backwards from present.
    • Enhance information for taxonomy terms (eg Journals, Publishers, Institutions, Series, etc.).
    • Right sidebar: Original Pub, Related Sources, and Related Studies - replace with corresponding citation in footnote format.
    • Add pdfs and media.
    • Refine site theme and overall appearance.